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Tengo para donar es una iniciativa solidaria que nace para ser puente entre los que quieren ayudar y los que necesitan ayuda. Simple y sencillo. Si tenes ropa, juguetes, comida, dinero, tiempo, ganas, y queres que le llegue a alguien que esta necesitado, este es el momento! compartilo y nos vamos a asegurar que le llegue a quienes mas lo necesitan!

ayuda y soporte

Our charity organization provides financial, technical and humanitarian assistance within various charitable programs designed to help every person in the world and to push society forward.


The promotion of education and the improvement of creative abilities of children and youth in developing countries have been our global goals since the establishment of our charity organization.


We help orphans find a family and discover what real family values and happiness are. Our organization understands how important it is to find a loving family, and we do everything to make it happen.


We invite everyone to take part in our volunteer abroad programs to set up additional education, provide training, promote the employment of adolescents, and change our world for the better.

“Tengo para donar” 

With a view to providing psychological, medical, social and material of charitable aid to children and families affected by terror, as well as military families, killed in the line of duty and orphans, we established Open Heart. We also help underprivileged children and orphans from around the world. One of the directions of our Foundation is to help children from third world countries. Everyone can participate in the work of the Organization and assist those in need.


Our team really needs volunteers. Those who are willing and have the desire to help those in need. If you are young, active and ready to change the world for the better, we look forward to seeing you.

Participating in our South Africa Volunteer programs gives an opportunity to explore Africa in all its beauty – starting as a part of our group, you will immerse deeper into the nature, culture, and society of various South Africa regions. You will get the best of Africa and its vibrant energy. Our team will be glad to offer you any necessary assistance if you don’t have previous experience in volunteering in this part of the world.


Open Heart has been a partner charity to Women V Cancer for over 4 years and they have always been delighted with Action for Charity’s professional event management. They helped us a lot during our cooperation. We greatly appreciate what they have done to promote what we are doing.

Sara Johnson

The dedication and the charity work volunteers of Open Heart are doing worldwide can’t be underestimated. We cooperated with them a year ago during a conflict in Syria, and their team members offered unprecedented assistance.

Richard Tompson

This charity organization does what a lot of other charities should have been doing years ago. It is great that Open Heart exists. Their volunteers not just give necessary resources and assistance, they give hope to all the needy out there.

Denis Nelson